Fall 2023 Admissions 

Applications for programs admitting for Fall 2023 are open.

July 1st - Final application deadline date for all domestic students to apply for Fall 2023 admissions. 

The International application deadline for Fall 2023 has closed as of April 1st. 

*Some program deadlines may be sooner than July 1.


Spring 2024 Admissions 

Applications for programs admitting for Spring 2024 are open.

Click here to view all application deadlines. If the program is not shown, the deadline may have passed. Please be sure to click here to verify the specific application deadline of your program of interest. 


Graduate Students Seeking Readmission

Both new graduate applicants and those seeking to be readmitted use the same application system. Please log in below using your prior information to apply for Readmit. 

Admission Requirements and Deadline Dates

Click here to verify the admission process and requirements for your degree program choice. 

Some programs do not admit for every term, and not all programs have the same application deadline date and admission requirements.

Click here for application deadlines.

Click here for international application deadlines and admission requirements.

NC Residency for Tuition Purposes

Think you are eligible for NC residency? You must complete the NC Residency Determination Services (RDS) application.  More details appear in the General Information section of the application.  Out-of-State rates will apply until you successfully complete this process and have received a validated RCN for an in-state determination.  Visit www.ncresidency.org to get started.  Don't delay! Do it today!

We Are Ready To Help!

We are available to assist you every step of the way. All admission questions and concerns should be sent to gradadmissions@nccu.edu. We can't wait for you to join the graduate Eagle family!!